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Friday, March 5, 2010

Motorcyclist Jumps in to a Sewerage Hole

A Motorcyclist Crashes in to a deep sewerage Hole

Recently on February 23, 2010, at 9 PM, at Sharae Faisal, Karachi, people heard some screams of a person, calling for help.

But he was nowhere to be seen. It was dark, and the sounds seemed ghostly!

We also stopped to inquire. Soon it transpired that a middle aged motorcyclist had jumped in to an open manhole left open by the Cantonment Board Faisal contractors on the side walk next to PAF residential quarters.

The motorcyclist was retrieved with some difficulty, and his motorcycle was also pulled out later, with the help of Traffic Police, Drigh Road Section.

There was another car accident at that time, and the motorcyclist was trying to by-pass the traffic jam. He went in, in to this deep hole with his bike, and suffered some injuries to his face and back bone.

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