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Friday, March 5, 2010

An interesting Govt of Sindh Car crash in Karachi

The Car had no number plates ! But according to the traffic police, some were found from "somewhere" later ...

The Woman Driver, who crashed the Cultus, is seated inside the Khyber car, talking to her supporters and family ...

This Suzuki Khyber came to a rescue for the Car crashers, and took them in it.

A by-passer closely watches the crash ! And thanks god that they were not at this spot at the time of accident ... Who will pay for the damages to the car, the poor motorcyclist who went down a drain, and the trees uprooted by the Crash ..

Inspector Ibrahim, Section Officer (SO) Traffic at Drigh Road / PAF section is guiding the traffic away from the crashed car. He is a very active Police Officer, and responds to help request at lightning speeds.

But unfortunately, this is how the governance works in Karachi ... Top Guns scare the Smaller fish.
A call to 15, Police Help brought in the Sharae Faisal Police mobile, but they too were mum and powerless to take action ... they also let the things go ... "Sab Chalta Hai Yaar
سب چلتا ہے یار
اس اندھیر نگری میں

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