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Monday, June 4, 2007

Human Rights Workshop for Police Instructors

ISLAMABAD: The National Police Bureau (NPB) will hold a human rights training workshop for police instructors on June 4.

NPB Director General Dr Shoaib Suddle said that a team of foreign trainers would conduct the four-day workshop for a batch of 35 police instructors from inspector to senior superintendent level who have been selected from across the country.

He said the objective of the workshop was to expose police instructors in Pakistan to international practices in the areas of human rights.

Subjects such as international human rights standards and policing, human rights and police ethics, police powers of search and seizure, maintenance of public order, how police should deal with vulnerable groups including children, women, displaced people and crime victims, community policing and countering terrorism will be covered during the workshop.

The workshop is designed to teach human rights standards through skill-building sessions, interactive discussions and deliberations.

Suddle said that revitalising curriculum of police training institutions by including modern concepts, principles and structures of law enforcement was also one of the aims of the training session. He said that policemen would benifit from the event.

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